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A Simple 2021 Document for Managing Remote Design Teams

Posted on:September 16, 2023 at 09:50 AM

Design Team’s Remote Work Document

Performance review Design team

  1. Standup Quality [2.5 points ✨]
  2. Output Quality [2.5 points ✨]
  3. Timeliness [2.5 point ✨]
  4. Documenting your process and Suggestions [2.5 points ✨]
  5. Being able to work well with other team members [2.5 points ✨]

Criteria for standup towards the weekly performance review 15th of every month

  1. We shouldn’t have more or less than 3 issues to deal with per day. Also, the standups should be short and precise, meaning they should not contain work outside of what needs to get done per week or from previous weeks [2.5 points ✨]
  2. Should have multiple estimated time: date of delivery down as so 3:45 pm to deliver this, 3:45 pm to deliver that [2.5 points ✨]
  3. Should be able to state blockers as clearly as possible. Not being able to do so means we are leaving important issues to fester [2.5 points ✨]
  4. Should be able to state clearly where my input is needed [2.5 points ✨]
  5. When making suggestions, the tone should come off as advisory when need be. Not being able to do so means we are not pushing the most important conversations. [2.5 points ✨]

Updates and Communication

  1. Daily stand-ups and screencasts [mini demo ]
  2. Evening standups and screencasts [mini demo ]
  3. Friday epic demos
  4. Documenting your thinking around problems throughout the day.